Control Your Maintenance

Introducing Feather

A web and mobile platform where you can track preventative and reactive maintenance, while monitoring costs, compliance and communication.


Work Order Creation

equipment and Asset Management

Transparency and communication


Manage work orderS and Service providers

Create and manage work orders to streamline the responsibility of maintaining your properties: your retail manager or any employee can report maintenance needs . With a built-in workflow manager, all items will be reviewed, assigned to service providers you pre-selected, prior to bids can be received.

Keep up with your equipment wear & tear

Managing a fluid process and set of scheduled maintenance or repair activities takes coordination. When there is a lack of communication and clarity, it is not only disruptive to all parties, but creates issues potentially affecting your business and its ability to be operate, impacting your revenue targets. When did you change those filters?

manage your locations with real insights

Using advanced imaging you gain a 360 deg. view of your property and itemization of the facility. This enables greater transparency for work order development and greater pricing accuracy on bids. 

Who does what, when, how and for how much

Reporting on maintenance should not be difficult. Keeping records of service calls should not be difficult. Anticipating failures and problems should not be difficult. Well, actually it is. Now, you can stay on top of what matters and keep your operations running smoothly.