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A few tips to the getting great commercial painting done.

Amongst the many challenge’s facility managers, building operators and property managers face, owning or operating  a business requires the perfect look and finish for any office or retail building. Taking the right steps to get great painting outcome from commercial painting project is necessary for facilities managers to enhance the look of their building and their business. Here are some tips for getting better outcomes.

Choose the Right Colors

While customers want their commercial business to catch the eye of potential customers, building owners and operators must be careful to select colors that will attract attention but not being over powering. Using bold-accent walls can effectively make strong statements, but less is more when it selecting very bright colors. By focusing on and choosing calmer color palette, landlords and business operators could avoid overwhelming tenants or customers. Adding bold color through pictures, photographs, pillows, and other decorative elements are temporary and less expensive options to add some color in addition to painting projects. 

Use Primer

While some individuals may think that paint primer is an unnecessary or over-the-top requirement, painting professionals say otherwise. Having that chemical barrier in between the wall and any new layer of paint will prevent paint colors from turning dull once the paint dries and it can also help the paint to last longer. Paint wear and tear problem often occurs because the compound used to fill holes and imperfections when a wall was built can pull moisture right out of freshly applied paint. And this creates issues. If painting teams are painting over bright or deep color, primer is definitely recommended to protect the integrity of the new color.

Take the Time to Clear the Work Area

When commercial painting contractors come to start a job, technicians will not start applying color until the area (room, store, entrance, hallway, office area) is fully prepped. Before a painting contractor can prepare the room, Technicians will need customers tenants or employees to clear their designated work area.