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Commercial Painting Contractor Retail & Corporate

Commercial painting projects are endeavors that are as important as painting a residential home. Customers are running businesses and are making an investment in painting or upgrading their building. They should have expectations for contractors of all trades: framers, painters, drywall installers, finishers, carpenters.

Any construction project will likely disrupt the activities of employees or customers, so communication between the teams must be very fluid. Proper planning is necessary. Commercial painting contractors must have the skills and professionalism to work efficiently to be in and out as soon as possible.

Whether a facilities manager, a property owner, or a business operator needs the exterior or the interior of its retail, office, or business painted, planning and preparation is key to a successful painting project. Matching colors and following color guidelines provided by corporate headquarters or architects or interior designers is particularly important in commercial facilities, retail stores, but also office spaces looking to respect their color scheme. 

There are many examples of commercial buildings that can be painted:  Nursing Homes, Hotels, Plant Shut Downs, Retail Stores, Overnight Schedule, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Commercial Wall Covering, Condominium Complexes…