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How to deliver a high-quality paint job.

Attention to detail is critical to deliver any high-quality paint job. Well-planned, prepared and executed painting projects will create neat and professional finish for an office space or a retail store. Commercial painting company, must be covered with adequate business liability policies and insurances. Employees and workers must fully covered in case of personal injury and property damage including but not limited to worker’s compensation and general liabilities.

Professional and commercial painters should supply the right equipment for each project, whether this may be an aerial lift for a high commercial building or pressurized paint sprayers for large industrial projects. Commercial contractor teams must always make sure they clean the building thoroughly. 

Many concrete buildings are coated with custom-built concrete form release. Painters should know that this coating must to be removed before painting work begins or the paint will not adhere properly to the substrate. Power washing can do the work and removes a lot of the dirt, mold, peel off, and old paint from commercial buildings. Painters must protect the windows and doors and any fixture of the building using the proper tools as to not get paint on unnecessary items. For example: store front, light fixtures, retail entrance, door front, window panels, window glass, bow windows and all office or corporate branding. Commercial painters  should use a pressure-feed paint sprayer to apply a first coat of specified primer to seal the surface of the building and prepare for  a smoother finish when the renovation or remodeling project will be completed. Lastly, painters and technicians will apply one or multiple finish coats of the specified paint to complete the painting of a commercial building.